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Sunday, September 30, 2007

For the past few days, I've seen:

Shoot 'Em Up
(Clive Owen/Monica Belluci)

I've been waiting for this film because it somehow reminds me of Sin City, where Clive Owen played a smaller part (I think). This film is very exciting, with more unbelievable stunt than James Bond has ever done. Plus, I liked the fact that Clive Owen plays the role of a sort of renegade, kind of like the roles of our very own [the late] Fernando Poe Jr... the only difference is he is not as invincible as he got shot in this movie [but still managed to finished 30 more minutes of film time].

So I guess this is why he lost the James Bond role to the gorgeous-looking Daniel Craig? He's got that sophistication but Clive Owen is a bit rough-looking. James Bond has to be clean and sexy. But should one compare the sex scenes of a Bond movie with Shoot 'Em Up, I'd say this one's much better! You better see it to believe what I am saying.

Resident Evil: Extinction
(Milla Jovovich)

It's a bit funny because this movie always reminds me of my ex who introduced me to the game and the first movie. It follows the story of the strong and mighty Alice as she continues to find the lasting solution to the widespread infection of the T-virus which turned humans into blood-thirsting monsters. This movie is really, really good but I just expected more action than what was on the movie.

No Reservations
(Aaron Eckhart/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

I made a reservation for No Reservations yesterday at Powerplant in Rockwell. Well, it ain't a big movie but I always like the story of control freak whose world is suddenly rocked by some sad incident but manages to bounce back through.. well... a cheesy chessy love interest. Aaron Eckhart plays the role of the pa-cute chef well. And Catherine Zeta-Jones is almost without an obvious expression in this movie. But I still think she's one of the sexiest actresses alive today.


I went DVD shopping yesterday after a long day of watching movies, munching on some gummy worms and sour tapes and walking on the wet streets of Mhakhathi. I bought 30 Rock because I heard so many good things about it. Plus she mentioned that she didn't want to look like our President in one of the episodes where his boss, played by Alec Baldwin, wanted her to wear a blouse similar to one of President Arroyo's fasyon faves.

I also got myself a copy of CBS'
Jericho. Okay, I have no idea what the story is about. I only know that the lead actor Skeet Ulrich played the role of some jock who fell in love with Robin Tunney after she cast a spell on her. It was on The Craft .. geez so high school!

Anyway, the only reason I bought it is because two months ago [i think] I read this article online saying that the show was supposed to be cancelled but the fans wrote tons of letters to CBS asking them to extend it for another season. And so they did but the management of the network said they better watch the show or else it will definitely get axed--for good. So I thought this one might be good.

The last one I bought was a DVD that contained both 10th and 11th seasons of The Amazing Race. I admit that since I moved to Clark last year, I haven't really been following my favorite series religiously. So it's about time I get myself updated. And I was surprised today after watching the 3rd episode of the All-Star edition that they used the new Toyota Vios in Ecuador! This means it was released in other countries earlier. Oh well, the Vios really looks cute. I hope they liked it.


Marc and Rovilson joins The Amazing Race Asia 2!

This is certainly good news! At least these guys have a better chance than Aubrey and that other hot chick. I'm excited to see them get into the action plus I read that this season, they will be traveling beyond Asia. I just hope the grapevine was telling the truth! They better have the budget to travel to the most fascinating places in the world.

Okay, back to watching ep 4...

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