Yam Laranas brings home the bacon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been reading a lot from the blog of Yam Laranas lately. I am so proud of this guy! He makes me proud to be Pinoy! I hope his Hollywood remake of his own Filipino movie will earn big bucks and will be more popular than The Grudge or The Ring!

creepy elevator (Pic from YamLaranas.blogspot.com)

Jesse Bradford (Flags of our Fathers / Swimfan) was chosen to reprise the role of Richard Gutierrez. I wonder if Richard was originally chosen for the hollywood remake... I think he's mestizo enough to be in a US film. Not that it's really important. I'm just saying...

Mommy Anabelle! Help! Ate Ruppa!

But the main reason why I am going to watch this movie is because my fave gal Iza Calzado is reprising her role! I heard Yam fought hard for her to be retained. Well, it was a good fight.

Better make-up + thicker, fake blood = hooray!

Hooray for Direk Yam and Iza!

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