Gatecrashers, Pickpockets, and Love is in the air

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The launch of our new program went really well. I didn't get enough sleep because I was doing a dozen of tasks. See, this is something I should seriously work on or control at least. In order to impress my boss, I tend to ask for many tasks and end up screwing up one of them. But I was very happy that I didn't screw up this time. The little launch gathering we had at the pantry was a success; people did dress up for the event; folks were happy with their shirts; the food was excellent; and most importantly, we had a lot of fun.

As the emcee of the little program, I was nervous at first. I talked my colleagues into faking their laughs if I crack a joke or clap when I look like I need them to. They did cooperate so they made my job easier.

One thing that pissed me off is the fact that there were a lot of gatecrashers in the scene. There was this girl from another department who claimed that she was from Human Resources. She was waiting in line for the food. Ally told her we only have enough for the guests and she took off. But lo and behold, she came back this time she sneaked in with a friend and got her a big chunk of the food.

Two other women, whom I intentionally didn't send an invite to were there to eat. The fugly one didn't even say hi or thanks for the food it was great! They just took off after their bellies were full.

What can I say? You really cannot buy manners! I hope these ladies crapped like hell after eating!


I lost my phone two days ago. No, it was taken away from me by some guys in the jeepney. I was tired and all but my mom asked me to pick up my li'l sister from school. I did and as I was in the jeepney, on my way to her school, a guy started pissing me off, putting his one leg between mine, pretending that he was trying to kill a bug on my foot. I yelled and asked what his problem was but he got off.

In an instant, I lost my phone. I got off and went home. I was still in shock. How could this happen to me here, a few blocks away from our house, when I've been to more dangerous places like Quiapo or Baclaran. Shit!


I think I'm in love. I dunno.
Folks at work would notice that.
Will blog more about this later. For now,
I'll leave you with my favorite love song from 98 degrees.
This song makes me feel stupid
(and look stupid) when I'm in love.

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