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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yesterday was another long day for everyone in the office. It's payroll time once again so I had to stay in the office for another four hours just to try to finish everything. And just as I was hiding other employees' names in excel, trying to focus on those people under my supervision, I was shocked to find out that one of the supervisors abruptly resigned. No one was there to fix the payroll for her team so I had to step up and do it for her.

And just as I was about to finish everything, Nards approached me while I was glued to my laptop. He informed me that one of the trainers was brought to the hospital (after collapsing probably due to fatigue) and that he was thinking of sending me to train that class. It was about 7PM, I was in the office since 645AM and I was just speechless.

Luckily, he cancelled the whole idea the last minute. I am thinking that he might have had an idea that I might be stressed out already (duh!) and that I should get some sleep but who cares. I really had to rest so I'm thankful someone else took over.

I am infuriated. For the record, I know I am not the most hardworking person in the office but I do know more than a couple of people who've been having a dream vacation while some are just overworking themselves to the nth level. From people who get sick all the time, to people claiming to have resigned already but are still showing up for work [sometimes], to people sleeping on the job, to people with a lot of emotional baggage to deal with, to people with no concern for the job at all. It's so fucking insane. I wish someone would do something about this.

I made something really stupid [but abso-fucking-lutely right] thing last week. Nardz and I were chatting on Skype. I was on leave and he was working. It was New year's eve and he was berating me because apparently some people didn't show up for work. I'm like, don't look at me! There's someone that you should've fired a long time ago. BAD BAD BAD. But I was basically telling the truth.


SO in order to de-stress, I put on some DVDs I bought. Brothers and Sisters season 2 wasn't working. Dexter was just so fucking morbid and violent for my taste. I am Legend sucked like hell. I ended up watching Cycles 7 and 8 of America's Next Top Model. This show has come a long way. I remember watching the first show and it was great. It was just like any other talent show, except this one was looking for real models. My understanding was that they were just looking for pretty faces to put on the covers of magazines but now, I realized there's a lot of drama behind it.

When they released the Philippines' Next Top Model, I was thrilled because I know we have a lot of beautiful women out here. But I was disappointed because the show lacked production value and.... it was hosted by Ruffa Gutierrez? WTF? She's not a model. Well she might have joined a modelling contest in the past but Google a Ruffa fashion photo and you'll only find her beauty pageant shots.

In Cycle 7, Tyra Banks said that she's always happy to introduce the previous host of Australia's Next Top Model because 'Top Model was just a concept in the US but it is now shown in more than 50 countries.' So I went to Wikipedia to search it and was shocked to see this:

So I searched for an episode on YouTube and found this:

I certainly hope this isn't really how the show is done in their country.

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