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Sunday, February 03, 2008

OA na to ha. I heard that people tried to have their tickets refunded because Cloverfield made them sick? How come this never happened with The Blair Witch Project? Or any of the Saw movies? Or perhaps a Jessica Simpson-straight-to-DVD flick? No wonder that ticket lady warned me about the movie being a documentary. (Lady, you still make me laugh.)

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I finally decided to go [semi] bald again. For the nth time, I hesitated. The main reason why I wanted to chop my hair off is because: 1) People NEVER liked my new hair 2) I've never gotten a lot of phone numbers while eating at fast food restos ever while I had hair 3) My hair was just a big mess. Okay, I'm not vain or anything. When you check my pictures on Friendster, you'd understand what I'm blabbin' about here. (Right, Ria?)

I hesitated, as I've said. I remember standing in front of the barber shop then walking away, telling myself that I won't do it just to please the people around me. But hey, maybe they have a point. So two days ago:

+ booboo +

I am thrilled because the Filipino independent film industry is alive these days. I've been watching a lot lately. Later, I will try to catch Condo. I already saw Sikil. I'm also planning to watch Roxxxanne soon. I just wish there'd be more choices. I noticed that these days, most indie films are pink films.

Good thing Endo will finally hit the indie theatres soon! I'm so excited! Endo was a finalist at last year's Cinemalaya Film Festival and it was a hit.

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