KFC is gross

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I just have to say this: KFC IS GROSS. I've never seen a single KFC here in Metro Manila that had excellent service and had staff who were professional and observed cleanliness from the start until the end of their day.

When I was in college, there's this KFC store which I avoided since I experienced their bad service. Aside from the fact that they cannot manage the queue of angry customers, the man at the counter had filthy uniform and gravy splattered all over his cap. He scratched every itchy part of his oily face then put his hands on my spoon and fork.

The reason why I'm writing is I had the same experience yesterday at the KFC store inside the SM Mall of Asia. The crew were too damn slow! There was one guy who spilled Pepsi while putting in a plastic bag. He lifted the plastic cup and let the spilled Pepsi fall into the ice box. Gravy was all over their shirts. They will never learn that they should NEVER touch the food and most importantly, the parts of the spoon and fork which come in contact with our mouths.

They should pay more for training their folks!

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