The Dark Knight: 10 stars, even more!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Okay, I have to say that I thought the producers of The Dark Knight were putting Heath Ledger's death from accidental drug overdose to generate buzz for the movie. For one, they were talking more about how good Heath's performance was and you almost do not hear anything about Christian Bale as Batman. The posters released earlier were also Joker's not the cape crusader.

And the verdict: I was wrong! They were completely accurate in describing this film as an epic. Heath Ledger's performance was beyond great and it gave us a whole new picture of the Joker we first knew some years ago, played by Jack Nicholson. I would say Nicholson's performance was a bit more theatrical than Ledger's.

What I love about this is the depth of the story. It wasn't just about a superhero trying to save the world. It tackles important issues in society and most importantly, terrorism. You could tell that the Joker was supposed to be back for another movie. I wonder if they would replace Ledger? Probably not in the next movie. It's time for a new villain.

Watch it BoobooStriders! It's worth every penny.

PS: Two Face's make-up was so realistic it's as if the cartoon version was brought to life.

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