Is Chris Medina the real deal?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Just heard: Apparently, some netizens are not too pleased with American Idol hopeful Chris Medina's love story. Some bloggers are accusing him of being a 'jerk' and 'exploiting his fiancee through the show'. There MIGHT be some truth to it - we do not know for now. We do know, however, that contestants (not just from American Idol) have tried getting their sob stories out on the press to get sympathy votes. (Note: Remember how Danny Gokey spoke about her wife's death and how he wanted to dedicate every song to her?)

You be the judge on this one. On his supposed wedding day, Chris sang a song he wrote for Juliana. You can watch him sing it in the video below. Then ask yourself: Is he the real deal?

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