Fare Up

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holy shit. I'm watching the news right now. Poor students (like me!) The MRT and LRT fares are scheduled to go up this week by as much as 56%. If you ask me, that's definitely a lot but I also think it's also about time. 

If you may recall, the MRT fare was extremely high for an ordinary commuter when it was first opened to the public. Government took over and the rates were brought down dramatically. 

However, you and I both know government intervention isn't always a good thing. Notice how unorganized the MRT train arrivals are? And the broken ticket machines? And the terminals which are sometimes not functional?

We, commuters, are often quick to complain about what needs to be here and what new service they need to provide. What we do not realize is how small of a fraction our current fares are compared to the real, full cost of the MRT service. It has been reported that the actual cost of one MRT ride is around P65. Can you imagine paying for that amount daily as you ride to and from your workplace? Insane!

I hope people will be calm this week and just try to be a little more reasonable than usual. 

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