Veggie Burger?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I realized I was being way too ambitious when I listed down 'Go vegan for a week' on my 2011 Goals list. After posting it, I immediately googled the list of foods I cannot eat if I decide to do this. I was absolutely shocked. Everything I normally eat was on the list. It's like South Beach Diet - phase 1 spells death for me.

  • Vegan is different from vegetarians. Vegans NEVER eat meat. Can I go meatless in a day? Meat for them means anything from beef to fish or shellfish and even eggs and milk. Simply put: anything that comes from an animal is a no-no.
  • Even Honey is not allowed! Bees are considered animals and they make honey so NO HONEY
  • White sugar is not allowed because it is said to be processed with bone char.
  • Beer - This will be easy for me. Did you know that beer is made of tiny amounts of gelatin which comes from fish bladders?
  • Bread - HOLY COW! Bread is not allowed. I repeat! Bread is not allowed! Why? Because its ingredients are made of butter, sugar, eggs and even whey - stuff from animals.
  • Even marshmallows are not allowed??? It contains gelatin from boiling skin, bones and other animal parts. But it's so delish!!!
Something tells me this is going to be very difficult. Maybe I should skip this one and try the other items on my list first.

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