Dust mites attack!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I cannot freaking believe it. New York went crazy when they were attacked. Now they've hit my own bedroom. I'm talking about dust mites!

A few months ago, I had some rashes on my legs and my dermatologist said they're dust mites. These pests are eight legged freaks found in homes, offices, cars, hotel room no matter how much you clean them. They live in dust. 

Oh and did I tell you they're microscopic..? They're invisible to the naked eye! 

These dust mites are nasty and they disrupt my few hours of sleep. I'm glad I found an anti-dust mite spray. This is not a paid ad! I am recommending 'Allercon'. Worked the first time I tried it. 

Unfortunately, it's not available everywhere but Landmark and Cash and Carry both have it.

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