Today, I quit...

Monday, February 28, 2011

I just decided to make a list of the stuff I need to quit in order to make this project possible. Basically, these are the things that make me fat. If I was successful in quitting cigarettes months ago, I can do this:

1. Cola (regular or diet) - Carbonated drinks are baaad. I know that. Yet I noticed I've been drinkingmore coke light than ever. Better drop the coke and get intoxicated with water.

2. Donuts - I love donuts since I was a kid. I remember my mom telling me that I can eat dozen of Dunkin Donuts when I was in grade school. Now, I've substituted smoking with some Butter not and ChocoHoney dipped munchkins.

3. Dairy Queen Blizzards - Not only are they pricey, they're also full of calories. And yes, even Dilly Bars are a no-no.

4. Soft batch cookies, oreos - okay maybe I can't really quit them all together but I can make them part of an occasional binge menu.

5. Ferrero and other chocs - I suffer from a disease called impulse purchase. I tend to go to the convenience store just to kill time and end up buying something i really don't need. They're usually desserts like Ferrero or other chocs.

6. Quail eggs - They may or may not have more cholesterol than chicken eggs but I still can't eat more than one serving.

7. Extra rice - Unless I'm jogging, I don't need extra rice. A recent experiment showed that I am full after my first rice. I just need to give my stomach enough time to send the message to my brain.

I'm sure I'll think of more as I go along. I'll post them here soon.

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