Korea Trip Day # 2 - Part 1 - Dongdaemun Shopping

Sunday, June 12, 2011

As usual, my plans for Day 2 did not push through. I originally had Lotte World on top of my list but I just decided to change my itinerary - again. It's all because I ran out of Won and I couldn't find a money changer within the area. The nearest bank was already closed so I just walked around the area of Hyewah to see if I could find a money changer somewhere here.

I suddenly found myself walking at the Naksan park where most college students hang out. Like I mentioned before, I am staying in their own version of the university belt. Naksan Park is surrounded by stores, shops, coffee shops, and more coffee shops. The Korean Performing Arts Center is beside the park too. There's a big stage where I saw some bands performing not just Korean but also English songs.

I asked a couple of Americans if they know the location of the nearest money changer. They said I should go to Itaewon, also known as foreigner central, which is about an hour and three train rides away from where I was. Bad idea.

I knew I had to meet with Amy (a Filipina working in Korea) that night so I had to have my money changed quickly. I decided to go to Dongdaemun because a friend said there are more shops in that area. It's just two train stations away so I knew I will be back just in time to prepare for my dinner with Amy.

This is what I love about Korea. Every time I get out of a subway station there's always an 'Oh, WOW!' moment. Dongdaemun is a shopping haven. There are both for expensive and bargain shopping. There's this shop called Doota which is kind of like their Crossings Department store. There are some very, very interesting pieces which I know every girl would be interested in. There were a couple of other malls but I had absolutely no time to go to each of them. After I found a money changer, I decided to go back to Hyewah right away.

However, this crowd near Doota mall really distracted me. It was a promotional event for Sprite where some Koreans and European looking men were swimming inside a giant water container. I thought there were some  Korean actors too so I stayed for 15 minutes until they gave away some free Sprite.

Then I remembered that I needed to buy my outfit for our gimmick at Itaewon. I decided to go to Doota just to see what they have to offer,.

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