Lotte World - Korea Day # 4

Saturday, October 01, 2011

My trip to Korea would not be complete without a visit to Lotte World, South Korea's answer to Disneyland. It's approximately 45 minutes away (by train) from where I was staying (Hyewah). The directions on the website are very clear so I had no trouble finding it.

My first impression: Lotte World is a Disneyland Knock-off! But coming from a place where Enchanted Kingdom is the best theme park, LW is definitely very impressive. It has two parts: the indoor and outdoor parks. Each part has both amusement park rides and kiddie rides. The ticket costs US$34 (discounted rate for very nice tourists like me) which is not bad if you ask me. Adventure and thrill seekers wouldn't be disappointed. I certainly wasn't!

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