NamSan Park Experience - Korea Trip Day 1 (part 2)

Friday, June 10, 2011

The blogs I've read said I should avoid the cabs here. Not only do they charge exorbitant fares, they are also hard to communicate with. So when I arrived here (as I've said in my previous entry), I made it a point to avoid all cab drivers.

While I was on my way to MyeongDong, I walked a couple of blocks and saw a sign that says NamSan Park. I thought it was a great idea to go there first then go to the shopping district after. That was the first mistake I made in this trip.

I bumped into a girl who was trying to take photos of the same signage I saw. I thought she was Korean but later she told me she's actually Japanese. I asked her to give me directions to NamSan Park, which is listed on one of the "To-do lists in Korea" I saw online. She pointed to this mountain (which later I realized is the very meaning of NamSan - Mountain Nam). She asked me to take a cab, which should be cheap as it shouldn't be far.

One thing I realized is that the word 'far' is very relative. I took a cab in front of this hotel. The driver didn't speak English but already knew where to go when I said NamSan. I was already suspicious. First, he went the opposite way. Then we went through two tunnels and a long highway only to wind up in the same f*cking road. This guy duped me. I couldn't complain though - or maybe I just didn't. The cab fare was --- uhm no I'm not even gonna tell you. That's tucked away in my bad mistakes done box and which will never be opened again.




The hike to the top of the mountain was torture.There was no other way to describe it! The other little elementary girls were laughing and screaming and running as they climb while I try to stay on the right side, totally trying not to faint. When I reached the top, I was happy. The view was breathtaking. Amazing.

And instead of getting another cab to go to the MyeongDong shops, I got on the cable car, one fancy elevator and walked several meters. It saved me a significant X amount of Korean Won. The long walk was tiring but I knew I would be saving more money.

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