10 things about Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Monday, July 11, 2011

(Read: This is not an Ebert review.)

1. Michael Bay is all about sex, hot cars and bad script.

2. Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley's lips were the main star of the movie.

3. You can hear the proud American viewers in the audience singing the Star-spangled banner during the final battle scenes where U.S. military saves the day - as always.

4. Sam's parents should have been given more screen time.

5. Did Michael Bay purposely leave the female autobots in the cutting room?

6. Most hilarious scene: Nokia X7 showing off its "capabilities".

7. Asians eventually die in almost ALL Hollywood scenes. (Either that or they get arrested for something.)

8. Did anyone notice how quick and easy Rosie switches from heels to flats (and back) in between scenes? Those have got to be the strongest pair of shoes in the world.

9. Sentinel Prime's face looks almost exactly like its voice talent's.

10. Why oh why is the storyline a big rip off of "The Event" - a failed show!

What are your thoughts about the latest Transformers movie?

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