Day 2 in Hong Kong - Avenue of the Stars & The Peak Tram

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I woke up at around 9AM on my 2nd day in Hong Kong. Thank God I was able to sleep well despite my less-than-glamorous guest house room. I decided to go to the Avenue of the Stars (Hong Kong's answer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame) which is just a 10-minute walk away from the Mirador Mansions.

The weather was great although the temperature was slowly rising as we were approaching midday. The Avenue of the Stars reminds me of Manila Breakwater. The difference is that there's a spectacular view. The water seemed clean too.

I was kind of bummed that I didn't know too many Chinese actors. Luckily, I found Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan's Stars.

Since I didn't have breakfast, I went to Starbucks to grab a bite. I swear, this Starbucks has to be the most beautiful I've seen so far. It looks like a beach house from this shot:

I was starting to feel exhausted because of the heat. I walked around a little bit more and suddenly found myself in an MTR station. I decided to go to Central and take the Peak Tram ride. 

I thought this was just an ordinary tram ride so I was just relaxed. While buying a ticket, I saw a huge flock of people waiting for the tram. The place was packed but there were two trams so the wait was shorter than I expected. 

Soon I realized the climb was very steep. I was holding on to the bars for my dear life while a couple of funny looking European guys were struggling to maintain their balance. They looked ridiculous. Tip: the small space near the doors are perfect. 

The ride ends at the Peak Tower, a beautiful structure at highest point of Hong Kong. The design of the building itself is beautiful. There are shops and restaurants inside and the Madame Tussaud's wax museum. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood to take photos of myself with the wax figures. I just went to the top floor to get the best view of Hong Kong. 

Next Stop: Ocean Park

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