Day 3 in Hong Kong - Out and About

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

When I was preparing my itinerary, I came across this blog about how to explore the city for just HK$100. I thought this would be perfect on my last day in Hong Kong. I cancelled my visit to Lantau Island (which includes another cable car ride - I think I'm done with cable cars for now) and took the MTR to go somewhere near central. From there, I boarded the tram, which is the cheapest form of transportation in the city. For just 2 freaking dollars you can go from point A to B - regardless of where you're getting off.

My first stop was the Western Market. Frankly, I was surprised this was part of the itinerary because it was... well... just a market. I wasn't in the mood to buy fruits or other stuff so I moved on to the next destination.

Actually, I never really got to the next destination. The directions on the blog doesn't really say anything about turning on this street and that street. In short, I was lost and when I asked people who were walking by, they didn't know the location I was desperately trying to go to.

Pardon me for being vague. I don't want the blogger to know how frustrated I was with her blog.

Anyway, I just kept walking and walking and found myself on Hollywood Road. This place is famous for bars and antique shops. It was midday and I wasn't in the mood to grab a drink. And I also wasn't in the mood for antique window shopping.

My frustration over this itinerary was growing by the minute. I just decided to ditch the paper I was holding and do my own exploration trip. I boarded the tram again and enjoyed the ride for over an hour. I realized there are a lot of places I haven't been to. The problem is I just didn't know how far these places are from the MTR stations.

I got off somewhere at Causeway Bay. I went to the World Trade Center mall where I found Muji and a few other shops. I was still trying to follow the HK$100 budget for the day so I just got a scoop of sugar-free ice cream and left.

I walked around and went into a futsal field (is that what they call it?) and watched a game. I didn't know if they were professionals but those people definitely know how to kick a ball. After 15 minutes, I went to Temple Street which is simply the Divisoria of Hong Kong. Almost anything - DVDs, clothes, wigs, toys, etc - can be found on Temple Street. I was there on a Sunday so it wasn't crowded. Some stalls were not open for business. I was disappointed because I didn't find a single card reader. That was part of my original plan.

I realized later on that I was somewhere near a restaurant that was mentioned on the blog. The blogger said they serve amazing sandwiches and buns. Bear in mind that by this time, I was already walking around the city for almost 6-7 hours and all I had was my breakfast and 1 scoop of ice cream plus water. And you know what was the biggest surprise? The place the blogger mentioned was non-existent! WTF!

Instead of dwelling on the fact that I felt duped (by a blogger haha), I just rewarded myself with a delicious KFC Chicken a la king Rice, 1 pc chicken and criss cut fries. After my first bite, I started smiling again.

After my meal, I rushed to the H&M store in Central to do some shopping. Then I rushed back to Tsim Sha Tsui to catch the Symphony of Lights.

I definitely enjoyed my trip to Hong Kong. I will definitely be back!

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