The Master Cleanse Recipe trial - FAIL!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Aside from boxing, I was thinking of other ways to 'speed up' my weight loss. My friends and I ended up talking about the lemonade diet or The Master Cleanse. It was originally designed as sort of a detox process where you will eat absolutely NOTHING within a 10-day period. As a substitute, you will take at least 750ml of an all-organic lemonade (made of real lemon juice and grade B maple syrup or muscovado sugar). If you want to learn more about The Master Cleanse recipe, click on the hyperlink above or the photo below.

The complete Master Cleanse recipe ingredients are available at any Healthy Options branch.
Total is P3,000++

Part of the process is to drink a laxative tea before sleeping. When you wake up, you need to do a Salt Water Flush, where you chug on a liter of water mixed with 2 teaspoon of Sea Saltwater. This process is supposed to flush out everything you've taken before the laxative tea so expect the first time to be an extremely crappy process.

MY DAY 1 and 2

Actually, Day 1 was very easy. I've watched some videos on YouTube where people have complained about the laxative tea. I'm a tea drinker and I thought the laxative tea I bought was much better than other tea drinks I've tried. 

The first day I did this, I could not stop thinking about a Double Cheeseburger. There was a point when I got up and almost dialed 8-MCDO to order one. 'It's all in the mind.' That's what I kept telling myself. I put the phone down and drank more lemonade.

Come Day 2, the lemonade was just like drinking water when you're thirsty - except there was a little bit of a challenge. I was with my family and we went to a funeral where they served some of my favorite foods. Then we went to my Lola's house where they also had food. I gave my family a heads up - that I won't be eating and I would hate it if they would force me to eat. They need to be on my side! Fortunately, I avoided the food and just drank my lemonade baon the entire time. 


When we left my Lola's house at around 5PM, I started having this headache. It was getting worse by the minute and it actually scared the shit out of me. I knew that my body probably is complaining why it's not getting its regular ration of food. 

By the time we reached the city, my head was pounding. I was in pain but I didn't really tell my parents. So when my little sister told me she was hungry, I told them we can eat at KFC (hehehe). I had my favorite Chicken Supreme Bowl Ala King and it was so worth it.


Okay, maybe I wasn't strong enough during round 1 of this Master Cleanse. HOWEVER, I noticed some changes in my body on day 2. I thought I lost half of my big tummy and I lost 3 lbs. Also, I wasn't really craving for food anymore. It was just the massive headache that brought this process to a full stop.

Anyway, I will start day 1 round 2 again today. I've been creating video blogs to document the process. I'll have to buy more master cleanse recipe ingredients though.We'll see how it goes!

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