Day 2 Cycling - 11km

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I was so pumped today! I finished cycling with 52:52 time, 11.37 km, average 12.90, 1205 calories burned. This is a major improvement from Day 1 (when I did only 5 KM). The route I took was fairly busy today due to rush hour but safe I think. Just a few things I realized:

* I need to buy a mask. The streets of Metro Manila are just too polluted and some motorists absolutely do not care about cyclists and even motorcyclists.

* I should get a helmet for two reasons: it makes you look sexy (hahaha!) and for very obvious safety reasons. I just need to pick the right one.

* I need a water bottle when cycling. I felt a little dehydrated and I didn't stop to buy a bottle of water. That's not good.

* Speed is not important at this time. As I do this more often, I can work on improving my speed and gear shifting. I need to learn a lot of cycling because I'm more of a recreational cyclist than a hardcore one.

* I want those barefoot shoes. I think I's be more comfortable cycling in them. I will go to Trinoma today and check them out!


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