6 things about 'Praybeyt Benjamin'

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm usually very picky when watching Filipino movies. I am not really a fan of Pinoy comedy but when a movie ends up being the top grossing Filipino film of all time, your curiosity will have you running to the nearest theatre in no time. Besides, it's a Star Cinema movie, what could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, almost everything. 

1. Vice Ganda is running out of really funny jokes - Maybe it's just me: I wasn't laughing hysterically like the woman sitting on the 4th row. The comedy bar jokes didn't really work IMHO. They should have been left where they truly belong - in a comedy bar. Comedy is a tough genre and it's difficult to tickle someone to death. Maybe the comedy bar jokes just didn't translate well in this film?

2. Our view of the military is really poor - They say that what we see in our media is what is usually the general public's perception. In this case, our military is viewed as inept, inadequate and incapable of producing credible intelligence [reports]. Instead of showing the military as this strong force that they should be, they ended up being captured and held hostage by the bandits. You will NOT see this in Hollywood films.

3. After all these years, gays are still the favorite laughing stocks in Filipino films - Okay, I get it. One cross-dressing homosexual trying out in the military to save his grandfather and bring honor to his father a la Mulan. Was I the only one offended with how it was portrayed in this film? It's almost 2012 and homosexuals in Pinoy films are still the cross-dressing, costume fanatic, man-hungry, black sheep of the family who does not have a stable job and is incapable of being funny without being actually laughed at by straight people.

4. Ricky Rivero lost the battle of the bulge... AGAIN - A few years ago, I admired Mr. Ricky Rivero for going through the Sexy Chef program and losing all those pounds. In this film, he clearly gained all the weight back. Just saying.

5. Jimmy Santos' "Bongjing" expressions still work -  He's still funny after all these years. Worked for me, Sir Jimmy.

6. When everything else blows, undress the men - Yep, there were a handful of abs pecs and muscle, portraying the homosexual Benjamin as this gay man-eater that straight men love to hate. And now we're wondering why there are a lot of homophobics out there? And we're wondering why there are many bullies?

Good job Star Cinema and Viva Films for producing another hit. I just wish the brand of comedy will go through some serious changes. Think 'Babae sa Septic Tank'.

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