Batingting: Tampered Taxi Meters

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

On my last trip, I took a cab to the NAIA Terminal 3 airport. I told him I need to get to the airport and his response was - "Magkano binibigay nyo?" (How much do you usually pay to get there?) I told him, to use the meter. He made a "request" for me to add a few more bucks. Silly me, I agreed. Don't blame me. I was in a hurry.

He went through the Skyway because it was the quickest way and it was directly connected to the airport road. After getting on the ramp, that's when I started noticing a few things:

* He kept using the wipers even though the view was very clear.

* He kept using the signal lights even though there were only a couple of cars on the Skyway.

* He kept adjusting the radio, switching from one station to another.

* He slowed down to like 30-40 kph.

* He kept blocking my view of the meter.

The most shocking thing I noticed is that every time these things happen, the meter goes way up. I had absolutely no choice. The driver clearly looked like a f*cking criminal and we were on the Skyway. I couldn't just jump off the cab and run!

By the time we reached Resorts World, the taxi fare was almost P200 (a very unusual fare if you're coming from where I was an hour ago). But the greedy criminal thought it wasn't enough. He kept using the signal lights for no reason until the meter finally reached P200. So much for asking for extra on top of what's the exact taxi fare! As soon as I got out, I took the name of the unit, make and model and reported it to the LTFRB. I also told the guy who was about to get on the same cab to get another one because his meter was clearly tampered.

If you have a clear view of the meter, it's much easier to spot a tampered meter. There will be an obvious discrepancy in the distance traveled. For example, it may show that you have traveled .6 KM but you are actually sitting in heavy traffic (similar to the picture shown above).

If you encounter a cab driver who does the same thing, it's better to hop out before the meter siphons your taxi budget. Remember to get the Taxi company's name, Unit number and Plate number. You can call the LTFRB at 925-7191 or 0921-448-7777.

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