Cebu: Short but Fun trip

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The first time I went to Cebu, I fell in love with the place. I imagine living there would be like working in the city on weekdays and relaxing in one of the beaches on weekends. My last visit was kind of unplanned and I went with my sister. Hence, the expenses were quite huge IMHO.

This time, I went to Cebu with a friend. This trip was supposed to be much cheaper for two reasons: we were going to stay at a friend's place and the trip's only for two days. Who could possibly spend so much money in that short amount of time? *wink*wink*

The trip started with Cebu Pacific disappointing their loyal passengers (ahem, that includes ME) with a 3-hour flight delay due to 'air traffic congestion' or 'heavy runway traffic'. I thought it was due to the delayed flights of Philippine Airlines. (What's new?) We ended up spending more money at the airport than we planned because we had nothing else to do but fill our mouths with food.

I also realized something: NAIA terminal 3 is still small despite its huge space. The day of our departure was the busiest day I've seen in terminal 3. People were sitting on the floor. All of the seats at the waiting area were occupied. There were people everywhere! This is probably because passengers from all cancelled PAL flights were accommodated by AirPhil Express - an airline which also uses terminal 3.

Anyway, we finally arrived in Cebu and our friends were already waiting for us. I have to say, they were the best hosts! Upon arriving, we were escorted to our rooms and were given a basket of stuff we need - just like  in a triple A resort in Boracay!

On the first night, we had dinner and then hopped from one bar to another. I would definitely recommend this bar called Voodoo. The music was great and the crowd was good. Drinks were also relatively cheaper than rates in Manila.

On the second (and last day) we went to the Crown Regency hotel to try the Sky Adventure activities. My friends were really scared to try most of what they offer. I was able to prove to myself and to them that I absolutely have no fear of heights. (I thought I did!) But before that, we headed to CNT to try their lechon. Little did our hosts know, I don't eat PORK! It looked damn good though:

First, we tried the Edge Coaster. Unfortunately, our pictures were not worth posting so we didn't pay for them. The ride was actually pretty scary. There's a button that controls the tilting of our seats but it was not working! It won't tilt back to its original position, which made the ride extra scary.

Next we tried the Sky Walk where we basically walk on a path that surrounds the building. We're tied to a harness so I wasn't really THAT scared. Walking on the edge of the building was really fun. There were also parts where we stepped on fiber glass. When I looked down, it sort of gave the illusion that I was floating. My favorite part was when the photographer took our picture while we stand on one leg, pretending that we're about to fall off the edge of the building.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this entire trip would be the zip line. I've never tried it before but this one's extra special IMHO. We dangled from one tower to another - 40 storeys above the ground in less than 10 seconds. Then, we sat on the harness and was pulled back to tower 1.

Oh Cebu, I fell in love with you even more. Rumor has it that SM will be building its second Mall of Asia in Cebu? How true is this? That's another reason to go back =D

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