Nokia N9 vs. iPhone

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have a habit of switching from one phone to another. When I get bored with my gadget, I'd find a buyer and get rid of it and get myself a new one. Recently, I've been itching to get my hands on the Nokia N9. I am using an iPhone 4 right now. I'm not really interested in buying an iPhone 4S (Siri doesn't really excite me). The N9, however, is just gorgeous:

And kind of doomed. It runs on the MeeGo Harmattan 1.2 OS - which is basically dead to everyone in the smartphone industry since Nokia decided to abandon it and move on to Windows Phone. Still, this phone is a knockout. The design is beautiful and the software can actually compete with the iOS and Android in terms of UI and overall performance.

The only problem is the lack of apps. MeeGo is fairly new and almost dead. While its creator Intel promised to develop the OS, developers have yet to make more apps for this platform. The App store has hundreds of thousands of apps. Android is slowly catching up. I haven't even checked if they have Angry Birds?

And I am also fully aware that the exact same exterior design that I admire will also be used by an upcoming Nokia Windows Phone - the Lumia 800.

I REALLY HAVEN'T DECIDED YET. But for some reason, I just felt the urge to post an ad on and eBay PH for my iPhone. In just a matter of minutes, I already received a dozen inquiries from serious buyers.

If you were me, would you sell your iPhone and buy an N9?

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