The Comics Sans Project - Good stuff!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In UP, they trained us to use only one font for projects: Times New Roman 12 points. One professor introduced me to Garamond and my other blog's provider turned me into a Monospace fan. But this, I have to say: I have NEVER really been a fan of Comic Sans. It's sometimes cute but it cannot be used for many documents. It's too fancy/corny to be taken seriously. Heck would you take your boss seriously if he used  Comic Sans in his memo?

Today, I stumbled upon The Comic Sans Project blog on Tumblr. Two French designers (Thomas Blanc and Florian Amoneau) started a movement that will soon change the the way you think about one of the most hated fonts in the world. What if the biggest companies used Comic Sans in their logos?

CHECK THESE OUT! Cute stuff!

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