Bangkok Diaries: The Arrival

Friday, March 16, 2012

I was pretty undecided on whether I should pursue my trip to Bangkok, Thailand or not. You see, this trip was booked before the 2011 Holidays. Unfortunately, my dad was diagnosed with MDS (pre-leukemia) a few days before Christmas. I just felt like dropping everything because of what happened. But then my dad said it pains him to see me postpone my trips and other plans because of what happened to him. He really wanted us to live our lives as usual and just pretend he has a cold or something. It's tough. But then he has a point. And almost everything on this trip has already been paid for- from plane tickets to the hotel reservation.

My flight left the Clark International Airport in Pampanga. I drove for almost two hours to the airport. It was my first long, solo drive so I was excited.

I flew on Cebu Pacific (again). Thank God the flight was not delayed. I arrived in Bangkok before midnight. Their airport is pretty chic. Of course, Hong Kong International Airport is still the best in my opinion but Suvarnabhumi International is at least much better than Terminal 3 or the Clark Airport (definitely better than the Clark airport for sure!).

I took the BTS and headed to the Ratchaprarop station. My hotel was supposed to be only 15 minutes away by foot. Of course, the hotel instructions were vague and all. I asked the first guy I saw on the street. He didn't speak English AT ALL yet he recognized the hotel. He gestured for me to go straight to what seems like a string of dark alleys. I followed his directions but the place was too freaking dark and I saw a lot of drunk bystanders. I went back to the main street.

I turned left. Then right. And another left.

And I got lost. Again.

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. I saw two golden arches - a glimmer of hope... it's McDonalds! I saw Caucasian looking guy. I asked him for directions. Apparently, he is Bulgarian or something. He didn't speak English too well but he knew where the hotel was. I followed his directions which were a little complicated but helpful nevertheless.

So here's the thing: I booked a room at the Baiyoke Boutique Hotel. It's this tinier, cheaper version of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, which is the tallest building in Bangkok. Baiyoke Boutique happens to be standing right behind the tall Baiyoke Sky. No wonder it was too fucking difficult to find this hotel. I had to go through Baiyoke Sky's parking entrance in order to get to my hotel. Boo!

After a long and tiring first night, I finally got to my hotel room. It looks worse than I expected but hey, it's better than my rook in Hong Kong.  

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