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Monday, March 19, 2012

One thing I absolutely did not want to miss is the cabaret show of Thai ladyboys at the Calypso Bar. It's located inside the Asia Hotel, which is only a few minutes away (by foot) from the Ratchaprarop BTS station. The show was quite expensive. I had to think twice if I really wanted to watch it. However, there were a lot of tourists who gave rave reviews about the show so I told myself, what the heck.

It truly was quite a show! I've never really seen a cabaret show. (The closest thing I've seen so far is the performances from the movie 'Burlesque'.) The choreography was spectacular. Performances were awesome and everyone enjoyed it. The whole room was also full of so many tourists who were clearly enchanted by the beauty of the Thai ladyboys. Some of them probably had an overdose of female hormones because I didn't see a single trace of manhood.

After the cabaret show, I decided to explore the red light district in Pat Pong. I took a cab (one of those flashy fuschia ones) and tried to pull off a Thai accent. It worked. One trick I learned is that you have to talk like locals do so they won't jack up taxi fares. Once they realize you're a tourist, they will come up with some excuse to add a few hundred Bahts to your fare. 

Pat Pong is fascinating. It's a complete opposite of the other parts of Bangkok. In most areas, you can see so many buddhas and Thai artifacts in buildings and on the streets. Some even stop and kneel in front of a buddha statue at the mall to give praise and offer some incense. 

In Pat Pong, dildos and drug paraphernalia were all over the place!. There was clearly a high tolerance for bad behavior. As I walked around, I saw fake Burberry and Louis Vuitton bags and wallets. To my right were several bars where scantily clad women were dancing on the huge table. To my left were three men holding a menu-like laminated paper containing your choice of perverted shows like the ping pong lady and the 'drinking pussy' (whatever that is). 

I ADMIT, I was tempted to go to one of these shows just for fun. But going in alone was too scary for me. I had to have a few drinks first...Let's see.

At this dive bar, I had a couple of mojitos. I ordered one more because they were so good and I was in the mood to get blasted. A loud gay guy suddenly arrived at the bar, sat beside me and started talking to me like crazy. He was nice though. He knew everyone at the bar because he said he always goes there when he visits Bangkok. He said he's from LA but he had a Thai accent. 

He ordered a bunch of food and asked everyone to get some. I politely declined but he didn't take no for an answer. He ordered a bottle of champagne, asked for a few glasses for everyone at the bar. It suddenly turned into a party. 

After a few more drinks, I was so buzzed. I bid my new Thai friends farewell and told them I will definitely be back soon. I took a cab and asked the driver to take me to my hotel. He told me right away that they charge a flat rate of 200 Baht after 1AM. I had no energy to argue so I said yes. 

On our way to the hotel, the driver became a little chatty:

Driver: Why no lady?
Me: Haha.
Driver: Where you from?
Me: I'm from the Philippines.
Driver: Oh... Philippine.... Foreigners.. they go PatPong and get lady...You no luck?

(Then awkward silence)

Driver: If you want, I take you (insert something gibberish here) You FUCK TIGER for 2,000 Baht.
Me: EXCUSE me?
Driver: Yeah, fuck Tiger you! You want? You want? 

I sat there with big eyes and jaws dropped. 

Me: Oh, there's my hotel. THANK YOU!
Driver: Okay, tell me if you like fuck tiger, okay?

And that concludes my 2nd night in Bangkok.

Edit: My very smart friend Karin pointed out that the cabbie probably meant "Thai Girl", not an actual tiger. LoL.

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