Jimmy Sieczka rocks the boat - 20 reasons why he hates the Philippines

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I woke up to several hate messages about this guy Jimmy Sieczka's video called '20 reasons why he hates the Philippines'. I've already seen the video and now I can't understand why people are so outraged. People are entitled to their own opinions. Is it just because we see an ugly American talking smack about our country?

If you dissect this video, pause it and ask yourself if he's telling the truth, you might end up agreeing with what he's saying. Every freaking day of my life, I ask why they put wood or large garbage cans or those orange markers in an open manhole.

We really are a country obsessed with whitening creams! We take pride in the beauty of Filipinas yet we so desperately want to be fair skinned.

There really are a lot of dirty areas in metro Manila and Cebu. What's wrong with stating a fact?

We do have shitty drivers and they are all over EDSA and other streets in the metro.

When I was in Bangkok, I complained about how dirty and crowded some of the areas are. I think tourists are entitled to their own opinion.

HOWEVER, Mr. Sieckza said he has been working and living in the Philippines for years now. So if his list of reasons for disliking his surroundings is this long, why the fuck is he still here?

Watch the video and let me know what you think:

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