Overdue: Born This Way Ball #LadyGagainManila

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's been seven days and I can still hear the loud music banging. The Born This Way Ball concert of Lady Gaga at the Mall of Asia Arena was a HUGE success. It was BEYOND phenomenal. She was BEYOND awesome. Nobody went home disappointed or violated or insulted - even the critics of Gaga didn't see anything wrong with what she showcased! Ha!

I thought the day was not going to end well. First, there were some issues with our tickets. You see, we got the tickets in April and it says 'Free Seating' for the Upper Box area. Little did we know, MOA Arena sold tickets with reserved seating two weeks before the show! I was infuriated when they were asking the people holding 'Free Seating' tickets to vacate the southwest area one by one. I was waiting for them to ask me to vacate my seat. I was preparing my arguments and was not planning to back down.

Here's where we first sat:

Me: Miss, is there a problem with our tickets? Why are you asking them to leave?

Attendant: Ah sir, you have Free Seating tickets? I'll talk to you outside in a minute I will just attend to these people first...

Me: You want to talk to me outside??

Attendant: Yes sir... in a minute.

(After one minute, I was asked to step out. I told my sister to stay put. A female manager talked to me outside the arena.)

Manager: Yes sir, we had some issues about your tickets..

Me: ...which is not MY problem.... (I was ready for a full attack but..)

Manager: ...which is why we're giving you these LOWER BOX tickets. 

(She handed me two lower box tickets - a FREE upgrade!)

Me: (Speechless).

Here's where we sat for the rest of the night:

To top that, I saw my college friend's boyfriend who works at SM Corp. He gave me a free pass to the After party! Sadly, I wasn't able to go because my sister was already tired and my parents were already outside waiting for us.

The show: I was surprised that Lady Gaga sang all her hits at the beginning. There was no shortage of Gaga energy at the Arena. The crowd went wild when she sang her hits 'Born this way', 'Bad Romance' and 'Just Dance'. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and I also wasn't sure if it was gonna take good photos that night. My iPhone didn't do so well. I kinda missed my Nokia N8.

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