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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Well, I just can't get enough of the Fall TV season. I've added a few more shows on the list. Most of them are my favorites which recently came back after a long hiatus.

'666 Park Avenue' was touted as ABC's response to 'American Horror Story'. The verdict is in: this show is nothing but an ordinary thriller. It's creepy - Yes. But it's so unoriginal. As my good friend Giorj said, it's a copy of 'The Devil's Advocate' 10 years too late. 

I love Alicia Florrick. This show reminds me of the time when I wanted to be a lawyer haha. There's always something good in every episode.

The sick and twisted mind of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk brought us the 2nd season of the American Horror Story. What can I say? The story is unique. The shots are scary. The characters are creepy. Everything about this show screams unconventional horror and it leaves you thinking about each episode for days.

Modern Family is back! Last season was kind of... confused. This season, they had to battle with salary disputes. I was afraid that the issues of the production team would extinguish the public's interest in the show. Fortunately, Steve Levitan still has a few tricks in his bag!

I really thought this show would be over after magic is brought back to Storybrooke. Turns out, there's a lot more story to tell! I am extremely happy that my favorite character Mulan joined the cast this season.

Revenge is back! Something tells me the producers of this show have watched a handful of Filipino soap operas. The twists and turns of Revenge are quite familiar I have to say.

Do you still remember that Justin actor who played Oliver Queen in 'Smallville'? No? Me too. Stephen Amell  managed to make us forget about the previous Green Arrow actor with this reboot.

Finally, my favoritest comedy is back! It definitely is the most underrated comedy on television. People need to see this to understand what I am saying!

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