Lessons from 'Looper'

Monday, November 12, 2012

I absolutely LOVED 'Looper'. I sometimes wonder why Hollywood can't come up with more movies like this. The story was excellent. The shots were intense. The story's progress was non-linear but it was not too complicated. And with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, how can you go wrong?



There's a lot of elements in the story: time travel, telekinesis, murder and mystery. Loopers are hired to kill men from the future who are basically their future selves. When the time comes when he kills his future self, he 'retires from the job and lives his life only to be caught up in the same cycle of life. But that's not the story.

When Bruce Willis' turn to be killed, his wife is accidentally shot. Then he avoids death by outsmarting his Levitt when he tries to kill him. Now there's two of them in the same space of time. That can't be good. While Levitt is out to kill his future self, Willis is out to kill the boss of the Loopers who calls himself the 'Rainmaker'. That person turns out to be the son of Emily Blunt who has immense Telekinetic power which he has yet to learn how to control. In the future, he finally does and he becomes the biggest criminal in the country, killing many people using only his telekinetic powers.

When Willis finally found the Rainmaker, a kid with serious anger management issues, they all witness an incredible display of power which solves the mystery as to how he killed all those people in the future. His power stems from anger which he can only seem to control with the help of his mother.

So with that, Levitt sees the ugly cycle of a young boy's life: He loses his mother. He seeks revenge for her death. He kills a lot of people. He turns into the most dangerous criminal in the world. At that point, Levitt chooses to break the cycle and kills himself, killing his future version Willis in the process.


'Looper' presents a very important point: we must break the chain of bad decisions and ugly events in our lives. If parents had a bad childhood, they must break the chain by providing nothing but love and care for their children. If parents did not have a lot growing up, it is the next generation's goal to have a better life for the family. If there are petty disagreements within the family, the children should make sure we give love to one another and work together. Breaking the chain is important in order to move on.

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