An Open Letter to Mariah Carey's Relentless Critics

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Relentless Mariah Critic,

I was very bothered with the number of Facebook and Twitter messages you posted about the "alleged' lipsynch fiasco of Mariah Carey at the American Idol finale. To be honest, this is yesterday's news. Let me break it down for you:

Mariah Carey is already 40+ years old. She isn't the young Mariah who used to belt out 'Emotions' or 'Visions of Love' without catching her breath. She no longer has the same lung power she had when she was younger.

A true Mariah Carey fan would know that she has been using pre-recorded vocals since that infamous breakdown back in the TRL decade.

If you are clueless as to what I am referring to, go to fucking YouTube and compare her performances from 1999 til 2010. Remember what happened to Good Morning America several years ago? BUSTED!

A true Mariah Carey fan would understand that since we forced the girl to sing her heart out for decades, her voice would naturally deteriorate and she would have to resort to several ways on how to preserve whatever is left of her precious voice.

 A true Mariah Carey fan would appreciate the fact that despite hearing a huskier version of Mariah, she is still able to produce some decent hits.

SO please! The next time you see her perform, just enjoy the fact that she's still singing your favorite songs. Try to look at the entire performance and not just the pre-recorded vocals.

And yes, I'll say it again: they ARE pre-recorded vocals.


Another Mariah Carey Fan

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