Ohio Rape Case: The Chilling note in Ariel Castro's home

Friday, May 10, 2013

Apparently, the Ohio rapist Ariel Castro is cognizant of his serious personal issues. "I am a sexual predator. I need help." This is from a note found in his home. Police believes it was written by Castro himself in 2004.

The man is CRAZY. He was charged with four (4) counts of kidnapping and the rape of three women - Amanda Berry, 27, Gina De Jesus, 23 and Michelle Knight, 32 - whom he has held captive for almost a decade. They were teenagers when they were kidnapped! These women made the mistake of getting in the car with a stranger who turned out to be a sexual predator.

What's worse, one of these women now has a child - a fruit of Castro's repeated sexual assaults - while the other women suffered several miscarriages. One of them was allegedly punched until she bled and miscarried.

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