Wednesday, September 04, 2013

In the past few years, our neighbors have been victims of theft and home invasion. The neighbors in the apartment next door were sleeping peacefully when the thieves broke into their home. Items lost include a PSP, a laptop and some other gadgets.

Last year, my childhood friend's house was also broken into while her husband was sleeping upstairs. They took their Macbook, iPad and an expensive bag.

Life is tough. People are desperate. And we don't exactly live in a gated community. The Barangay Tanods (community security officers) are proven worthless since they haven't really done a lot to prevent these incidents from happening especially on our street.

Imagine my surprise when my mom told me, as I was just walking into our home, that a very daring thief entered our home while my sister was upstairs and our helper is in the kitchen. It took only seconds for him (or her) to grab my 15" Samsung laptop (almost 2-years old) and my sister's Coach purse with 300 pesos in it.

All I could say was Thank God nobody got hurt. Thank God he didn't steal anything else. Thank God I didn't leave my freaking iPad at home!

Lesson learned: beef up our security. We need to be more mindful of our surroundings. These criminals are obviously watching over us, waiting for an opportunity to commit a crime.

I'm thinking of getting a bat. We need a weapon in the house. God knows I can't protect my family at all times. I pray that these thieves stay away from our home and my family.

So my mom was depressed again. It made her think about my father and how he would react to this. We all lost our sense of security when my father died. Even I don't feel comfortable with the thought that I am now the only man in this house.

It's a tough position to be in. Not only am I compelled to provide a good life for my mom and sister. I now need to protect them from physical harm.

Anyway, the laptop is gone. We still got a spare netbook. I just need to get a charger for it.

And get that bat. I'm serious. I'm really gonna get one.

Tangina. Buti na kang I backed up my porn vids.

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