Starting a Bed and Breakfast

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

During one of my most recent trips, I had the pleasure of staying with a friend of mine who has an awesome 7-bedroom gigantic house. He's probably one of the best hosts ever. Everything was arranged from my slippers, toothbrush, custom-made pillows, towels (with my name on them), my favorite magazines, etc. It did look like I was in a real hotel. He said he did purchase some of his stuff at home from a store who specializes in Hotel Supply Online. Each room had a theme. The one where I stayed resembled a room from one of the movies shot in Santorini. The details were impressive down to the mini Hotel Bar Supplies. Yes, there's a small bar in my room. And it was filled with vodka and wine!

Jericho obviously got his experience when he worked as a hotel manager in Atlanta. He even used his connections to get some Atlanta Hotel Supply and have them shipped to Manila just because he wants only the best for his house. It did look spectacular. His house would sell for a big fortune. Not to mention it is in a location which is just 10 minutes away from the city and only an hour and a half away from Tagaytay. He said he has plans to open it as a bed and breakfast. Recently, he listed himself on a Couchsurfing site to accommodate transients. I'm looking forward to seeing this become a future business venture. 

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