Recycle it: Turn your trash into useful stuff

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Need an eclectic touch to your apartment but have no budget? The solution is simple: go through your trash! Here are some clever ways to reinvent your old stuff into something cute and fab.

1. Turn your containers into a mini dust pan!

2.  Use an old seatbelt into a key holder.

3. Done reading your hardbound books? Turn them into cute fancy shelves!

4.  Done with a roll of toilet paper? Use it as a iPhone stand and speaker!

5. Ate enough loaves of bread? Use the bread tags into cord tags

6. Use old hallmark cards into guitar picks!

7. Have old tennis rackets? Use them as wall mirrors!

8. Repurpose those liquor bottles into masculine shampoo containers.

9. Turn old silverware into hangers.

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