X-Men: Days of Future Past Questions!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

If you've seen X-Men: Days of Future Past, I'm sure you have a few questions to ask the people behind the film. Without a doubt, it is the best film of the entire X-Men franchise but that doesn't mean it's necessarily the one without flaws.

Here are some of your questions:

1. Why the hell is Professor X alive?

In 'X-Men: The Last Stand', there was scene where he was teaching a class, explaining how it is possible to transfer one's consciousness into someone else's body. The post-credits scene reveal that he transferred his own consciousness to a body being treated by Moira Mactaggert.

Also worth noting is that Moira's character in X3 is a doctor - in 2005. How could she be alive during X-Men: First Class as a CIA agent?

2. How did Magneto get his powers back?

In X3, beast injected Magneto with 'The Cure' that turns mutants into ordinary humans. It was presumed that he lost his powers. However, in the scene before the end credits, we saw a chess piece move without him touching it. A little weird isn't it? It's either the serum didn't work or the mutant where it came from had the power to undo the effects of his DNA.


3. Surprise! Jean Grey is alive! Does this mean that the whole Phoenix episode in X3 didn't happen? Will we finally see the REAL storyline of the Phoenix and The Dark Phoenix (which is my favorite X-Men storyline)?

4. How did Wolverine get his metal claws back?

One really has to analyze this in a chart to know the answers. Clearly, The Wolverine happened sometime in the future. If his claws were cut by the Silver Samurai, why does he have his metal claws back on X-Men DOFP? More importantly, how did he get them back? Another adamantium infusion?

Care to add more of your questions?

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