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Thursday, September 04, 2014

I find the Central Coast to be a little bit more conservative than Sydney. It's more family-oriented. It reminds me of Vancouver. Their activities are weekend picnics at the beach, family bonding at the park, etc. What I absolutely love about it is the fact that the roads are wide open. What they call traffic is the light traffic in the Philippines. These guys have no idea what real traffic looks like.

Initially, we stayed in a condo-type apartment in The Entrance. The place is right in front of the beautiful lake, a few blocks from The Entrance Beach and the rows of restaurants and shops. It is a popular destination for tourists. There's pelican feeding every 3:30 PM. There are great restaurants and pubs around  the area. You can even go fishing too,

Unfortunately, we arrived right in the middle of winter. Temperature reached 5 degrees one day. My allergy was acting up and I was miserable for the first two weeks of the trip.

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