Visit Sydney: The day I went hiking and almost died

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I'll be the first to admit that my fitness level is... well... non-existent. So on a very low Saturday morning, I decided to do something physical. I decided to go hiking! On my list of things to visit Sydney was the Maitland Bay Beach, a secluded beach located at the Bouddi National Park.

The websites I visited did warn that the place was very, very secluded and that it would be a long hike. I was foolish to think that it would be a pretty easy one. I made some pretty serious rookie mistakes. First, I left my water bottle in the car. Second, I wore the wrong shoes. Last and most importantly, why did I decide to go hiking alone?

Halfway through the long path, I almost quit. But I forced myself to go all the way to the beach.

And I am glad I did because it was all worth it.

The beach kinda reminded me of the search for 'Heaven's Mouth' in the movie 'Y Tu mama Tambien'. There were only a few people on the beach. It's actually perfect if you'd love to spend a quiet afternoon.

I only stayed for about 20 minutes because it was already 4pm. The last thing I want to happen is to get stuck in the bushes. For some reason, I decided to use a different path, thinking I would end up on the same place where I parked my car.

I was WRONG. I ended up on the other side of the road - about 3 kilometers away from the parking lot. After almost two hours of hiking without water, I found myself walking on an empty road, with only the sound of loud chirping of birds. Good thing my phone still had juice and I sent my location to a friend. I told her if she doesn't hear from me the next day, I'm probably dead or eaten alive or bitten my a snake.

In the end, I got to my car around 6pm. I drank the entire bottle (1 litre) of water to rehydrate myself quickly. It was tiring as shit but it was overall a great experience.

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