Fall TV Premiere dates 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

After a bunch of mediocre dramas and over-the-top reality shows, it's time to for Fall TV shows to start. Last year, I had a total of 21 shows to watch weekly. This year, I'll try to spend a little less time watching the small screen so I can do other stuff (i.e. read books). Here are the shows that I am excited about:

THE GOOD WIFE (Oct 4) The loss of Kalinda last season was so disappointing. However, the show kind of needed a big change like that. This show has some of the most brilliant writers on television today and I am sure this season will be an exceptional one.

Empire (Sept 23) Well, last season broke ratings records and sold many music records as well. This show better keep up the good storyline or it'll be all wasted. I'm definitely excited about the rumored guests including the one and only Mariah Carey.

Survivor (Sept 23) Why did it take them this long to put together a Second Chances season! They're bringing back previous contestants who almost won the title. I am rooting for Kelly Wigglesworth from season 1.

Modern Family (Sept 23) Last season was a blast. Hope they'll have more A-list guests this year.

Grey's Anatomy (Sept. 24) Shonda Rhimes gave us a bomb last season. Since McDreamy is dead, how will Meridith cope with this loss? The one-year time jump also sounds interesting.

Here's the rest of my list. What's yours?

'Scandal' (Sept. 24) 
'How to Get Away With Murder' (Sep. 24)
'The Amazing Race' (Sept. 25)
'Once Upon a Time' (Sept. 27)
'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' (Sep. 29)
'Bones' (Oct. 1)
'The Blacklist' (Oct. 1)
'Homeland' (Oct. 4)
'The Affair' (Oct. 4)
'CSI: Cyber' (Oct. 4)
'The Flash' (Oct. 6)
'Arrow' (Oct. 7)
'American Horror Story: Hotel' (Oct. 7)
'Saturday Night Live' (Oct. 17)
'Jane the Virgin' (Oct. 19)

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