The Ignorant Notion on what BPO jobs are like MUST STOP

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The way I see it, most people are still unaware of what a call center employee does. Their knowledge is limited to what the first few news reports were about or what they've personally experienced when they contacted a customer service hotline. Truth is, the industry is not just about answering stupid questions from customers who are too lazy to look for answers themselves. The industry involves other facets of any business you can think of - sales, marketing, PR, creatives, finance and accounting, etc.
Therefore I easily get infuriated when people think "nasasayang ang talino" (Knowledge is wasted). That statement is completely false. More importantly, it is irrelevant! Your job should never define you or your strengths and capabilities. Anyone who is just starting out in the BPO industry, like any other industries, should pay their dues. Bank managers start out as tellers. Sales managers were once sales agents. BPO managers/leaders were once CSRs before they were in a position to influence change or lead a team of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other BPO employees. So it is kind of baffling to me that (some) ignorant people from other industries would insult our people who graciously take your phone calls and help you out when you have some trouble with your phones or computers.
My theory: this attitude is very much like the Spaniards of the past! People are defined by what they do, how much they make, and how much influence they have in society.
It is alarming - to say the least - that we are stuck in that crappy mentality.‪#‎GrowUpPhilippines‬

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